Quit smoking Smoking weakens our lungs and makes it harder to breathe. Check out the free tools and tips available and join millions who have successfully quit smoking. 40% of 15,372,678 equates to 6,149,071, 41% of 15,372,678 is 6,302,797 and 39% of 15,372,678 is 5,995,344 which generates the ‘around 6 million adults aged 40-60’ statistic. Choosing to do something because we enjoy it is called intrinsic motivation – as opposed to extrinsic motivation, where we’re motivated to perform a behaviour to earn a reward or avoid punishment.

  • It allows your mind and bodyto relax, improving your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Reflecting that it’s always worthwhile making healthy lifestyle changes.
  • As a result of this study, we found that it is important to prioritise research on multimorbidity and modifiable lifestyle behaviours as this would positively impact the population’s health and wellbeing.
  • Most participants in this study (94.8%) were White British, who have a longer life expectancy than the whole population.
  • If you get a nasty surprise when you see the levels, don’t let this put you off.

Plan an exercise date with a friend because it makes you feel good, or choose healthy meals because you enjoy the process of finding new recipes. Try for 2 – You don’t have to eat the rainbow all at once. Set yourself the challenge of adding 2 different-coloured fruits and vegetables to every meal, then gradually fill your shopping basket with a wider variety of colours over time. Go outside – Bright light exposure during the day can help us feel sleepier in the evening and improve sleep quality. Try to go outdoors as much as possible during the day for better sleep. Schedule it – The pandemic made it more difficult for us to connect and you may be feeling more anxious about socialising.

Nhs Quit Smoking App

The campaign offers support through a variety of tools and apps, including the updated NHS 12 Week Weight Loss app. This comes as currently 28% of adults in England are living with obesity and 36% are overweight. There’s strong evidence to show that getting at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. There’s no right way to respond to it and no doubt other people are feeling the same way as you. Often we react to stress by trying to beat it only to get drawn in further. Concentrate on your eating and you may find you are less prone to snacking. We are often short of time, and cheap, highly processed convenience food is always available.

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Our core philosophy is all about promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle agenda. For example, after you’ve brushed your teeth, add a 3-minute meditation. ‘It’s crucial to create some space for your new healthy habits and allow them to become part of your daily life,’ adds Gauffin. Try a team sport – Research shows that recreational physical activity has more beneficial outcomes than occupational physical activity like heavy lifting or labouring for work. Try a new sport or join a running club to reap the physical and social benefits. Find more than 100 fun activities to keep your kids up and about – try our fun generator app today!

For our own convenience we have drafted a simple 10-point plan for this, and we reproduce it in the box. It is based on studies of high quality carried in Bandolier. This year, Better Health is also working in partnership with a number of weight management and physical activity partners, who are providing both free and exclusive discounted offers. Most participants in this study (94.8%) were White British, who have a longer life expectancy than the whole population. Further work could look at lifestyles among more diverse groups, in which more years are likely to be gained by healthy living.

Nhs Weight Loss Plan

Many mental health specialists have adapted to offer counselling remotely. The government recommends drinking six to eight glasses of fluids every day. Although people often talk about water, most non-alcoholic drinks count.