The lack of information on the experiences of the community of existing HCSs users makes it difficult, if not impossible for policy-makers to identify and satisfy the needs of the community. The needs of psychological services appeared as an additional information. However, it confirms the findings from our previous study which showed that a psychological need is of significant value for the community to be healthy. Psychological health is important, both in relation to physical aspects as well as in social aspects, and one’s ability to carry out daily activities.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License . No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. The FGDs were opened with a welcome, and an introductory round of the team members and the participants. The first author, who acted as a facilitator then described the general purpose of the meeting, the data confidentiality, and ensured that participants filled and signed the written informed consent form. Next, the facilitator explained the FGD procedure and established the ground rules of the FGD.

  • Around 4,500 women with uterine fibroids will be eligible for a new oral treatment after NICE recommended relugolix with estradiol and norethisterone acetate in final draft guidance.
  • The impact on the public has been profound, with record numbers of people now left to struggle each day without the care and support they need.
  • At the same time, the participants expressed a more positive view on the CHCs with regard to their service fees, which were affordable or even free under the national health insurance coverage.

At the same time, the waiting time and the duration of medical examination links with opening hours and distance, and with the quality of the facilities and medical devices. The UK’s leading collaborative event for the entire health and social care community. A Health and Care Worker visa allows medical professionals to come to or stay in the UK to do an eligible job with the NHS, an NHS supplier or in adult social care.

The availability and distance allowed participants to “go to the clinic because the clinic is 24 hours. They were able to visit the clinic on a walking distance, so they did not need extra money. However, “(it’s) tiring to go to the hospital, (because it’s) far, moreover (it’s) expensive” (female, 42 y/o). Data was collected in four focus group discussions led by the first author in October 2017.

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To receive a better treatment at larger hospitals, participants would “go to the CHC to only ask for a referral letter; that’s why I always go to the CHC” (male, 21 y/o). As a first step to evaluate the perspectives of health care users as experts, we conducted a study to understand Jakartans’ (i.e., the citizens of Jakarta city) perceptions regarding health and sickness . We found that the Jakartans not only see health as a physical state, but also as psychological, spiritual, and the ability to perform daily activities productively states. We also found the importance of investigating the perspectives of communities to fully understand their beliefs, values, and needs, in order to provide health care services that fit the demands of the communities. Our study suggests that incorporating the perspectives of users is an important key to improve the quality of HCSs.

Therefore, the main goal of the current study was to evaluate how the health care users in Jakarta perceive the quality of its HCSs. The perspectives of users would provide critical information which can be used to evaluate to what extent the available HCSs meet the expectations of its users. The resulting data could provide a recommendation for the government, health care providers, and health promoters in Jakarta to formulate health programs and policies which fits the needs of the local communities. Meanwhile, participants were more confident with the quality of medicines at private clinics.

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This process was done to ensure both human coding and NVivo-12 analyses would fit with one another. Letter Health for Care coalition calls on PM to ‘fix social care’ Coalition urges PM to set timetable for social care reform to address the immediate crisis and place the sector on a sustainable footing. Report An emerging consensus Latest poll finds cross-party consensus on the need for social care reform, in particular on funding. Report Let’s do this Following Boris Johnson’s pledge to “fix social care”, this Health for Care report explores key principles for reform and why the time is now. Just as before, we have thousands of specialists offering expert healthcare. Eligible clients will receive 2-years fixed price at no additional cost (the “Offer”) when purchasing a new Bupa Select Company PMI Policy (the “Select Policy”) subject to these terms and conditions.

To overcome these obstacles, the Health Ministry periodically evaluates the quality of Health Care Services by conducting an accreditation . Any new settlement should provide secure, long-term, funding at a level to enable the social care system to operate effectively and deliver the outcomes that people want and need. The settlement needs to address immediate needs from April 2020, as well as putting the social care sector on to a sustainable path for the longer term. That will require the right funding, workforce and a diverse and stable market of providers. This will need to be supported by good quality, trusted information and advice to help people navigate the care system effectively. The Spending Review presents an essential opportunity to invest in social care at the same scale as the Government is now investing in the NHS.

Participants indicated that they would take a rest at home and ignore their pain while they observed how their sickness develops. If their condition improves, they would not seek additional treatments. They will visit a general practitioner if their illness got worse. Eligibility should be based on need and must be widened to make sure that those with unmet or under-met need have access to appropriate care and support.