The Okinawan diet is based on the eating habits of indigenous people residing in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Their eating habits were studied as scientists became aware of the population’s exceptional longevity. The Okinawan diet emphasizes the consumption of yellow, orange, and green vegetables and includes soy and legumes.

At the RCN we strive to ensure everything we do has a positive impact on our members, colleagues, customers and the public. That is why we encourage a positive, people-focused workplace culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Since your body uses sun exposure to produce vitamin D, you’ll be taking a step toward preventing that common deficiency.

Health Month Successfully Engage Students and Staff to Make Healthy lifestyle Choices

Your body mass index and your waist measurement are used to assess if you need to lose weight. The increased health risk of getting heart disease and type 2 diabetes is most marked when the excess fat is mainly around your middle rather than on your hips and thighs. You can calculate your BMI and see waist measurements with risk on the British Heart Foundation website⁸. Secondly, multi-medicine regimens in aging individuals can be very concerning and have the potential to alter healthy sleep patterns. It is important for clinicians to remember that many OTC medicines have mixtures of compounds that can impair sleep .

  • Until recently, research on the burden of alcohol has focused predominantly on the harms experienced by drinkers themselves.
  • An additional point of interest is that this group does not eat until feeling full, but until hunger has subsided.
  • Information collected via our contact form or telephone numbers displayed on this website may be shared with healthcare consultants who provide treatment about which you are enquiring under strict confidentiality agreements.
  • Specifically, the different levels of success in social engagement are major drivers of our quality of life .
  • Our healthy lifestyle choices can build the brain’s and body’s protection against stress and inflammation, lower the risk for depression, and reduce the symptoms of depression in those who are already depressed.
  • Smoking in pregnancy has significant negative impacts for both Mum and her baby (see our ‘Giving every child the best start‘ topic for further information).

It often includes the moderate intake of wine, usually red, during one of the meals. Numerous studies, observational, and controlled, (93–97) have found that the MeDi provides additional health benefits such as decreased risk of AD, cardiovascular disease, and type two diabetes. For example, a study conducted by Scarmeas et al. evaluated the effects of the MeDi on over 2,000 New York residents over a 1.5-year period. The results showed that subjects who moderately adhered to the MeDi experienced 15–21% less risk for development of AD, whereas those who strongly adhered to the MeDi had 39–40% less risk for development of AD .

How can I reduce my risk of CVD?

Sleep apnea is also very common sleep disorder in older adults. It is characterized by the collapsing of airways during sleep, thus making it difficult to breath. Approximately one-third of individuals suffering from sleep apnea experience severe symptoms, while up to two-thirds of adults 65 years and older will experience symptoms ranging from mild to severe . Sleep apnea has been shown to cause degeneration of brain tissue and the brain stem .

Statistics on alcohol

Promoting healthy lifestyles helps to reduce health inequalities, and cover four of the ten priorities identified in ‘Our Healthy Future’ . Good nutrition,controlling calorie intake and physical activity are essential to maintain a healthy weight. Our growth, experiences, and some of the variances of our personalities are molded through social engagement. Specifically, the different levels of success in social engagement are major drivers of our quality of life . Typically, the goal of social engagement is to relate to others in positive ways through multi-factorial social networks. For the purpose of this discussion, the notion of social engagement refers to social interactions that have positive outcomes and are pleasing and meaningful to those who engage in them.