The best health insurance providers will make it clear what’s available and what isn’t, to help you decide on the best policy. Most health insurance policies will offer standard cover. It’s important to look at exactly what’s covered – and what isn’t – before you take out health insurance.

Several factors influence the cost of your health insurance. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, like smoking for example, may also increase your monthly premium. So, if you choose to stop smoking, it’s important to tell us, as this may reduce the cost of your cover. The costs of quarantine hotels are not covered by an EHIC or GHIC, as the UK considers these hotels to be a public health measure, not medically necessary state-provided healthcare. All of our services excluding treatment of tuberculosis are offered on a discretionary basis.

What Does My Policy Cover?

If you would like to make changes to the way you pay or add additional persons to your membership please complete the appropriate forms. We are a friendly society providing benefits from a discretionary fund. This means that the provision of services is subject to the resources we have available through membership contributions. Membership is available to anyone over the age of 16 who is normally resident in the UK. Members can add friends and family to their membership regardless of their age.

  • Our private health insurance puts you in control with the choice of two products that you can adapt to suit your needs.
  • Depending on the level of cover, private health insurance may cover you for treatment as an in-patient, out-patient, or day patient.
  • We have a wealth of free, trusted information on over 500 health topics.
  • Your cover for pre-existing conditions will depend on your underwriting terms when you join us.
  • You should always check policies carefully, including seeing whether you could transfer medical cover if you re-locate to other countries in future.
  • You can buy private medical insurance for UK expatriates.

Choose from a range of award-winning health insurance with cover levels and lifestyle options, to create exactly the right health insurance policy for your needs. The comparison excludes any special offers or promotions which may temporarily alter the cover offered. Neither party accepts any liability for errors, omissions, direct or consequential loss in relation to this comparison. The best health insurance policies are clear about the exclusions. Most private health policies exclude emergency treatment, maternity care, cosmetic surgery, and treatment for chronic or pre-existing conditions. One of the main benefits of private healthcare is that you’ll get access to prompt treatment.

Private Healthcare Services We Offer For £11 90 Per Person, Per Month

If you’re travelling abroad, it’s important to take out appropriate travel insurance before you go. View our Health & Wellbeing hub for the latest health & wellbeing information articles, videos, member support services and other useful support information. You don’t need to have Bupa insurance to use our dental services.

As all our policies are different, so it’s important to check yours thoroughly. Your health insurance policy is unique to you and the cost will depend on the level of cover you want. For example, you can choose the level of excess you want to pay, and your policy benefit limits. We offer high quality, healthcare services at the same affordable cost for everyone.