If you take out family health insurance, we cover children with no upper age limit, providing they remain a resident at the policy holder’s address. Whatever your age, if you are looking to take out health insurance, simply get a quote online. Your EHIC or GHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance. It may not cover all health costs and never covers repatriation costs.

  • Private insurance is an option for short term or visiting students who feel like they would like more medical support.
  • Excesses are paid once per person per membership year towards your first eligible claims.
  • Once you’re a Bupa health insurance member, we will send you all the documentation that details what is and isn’t covered.
  • Our cover provides a number of benefits, such as money back towards eye tests, dental treatments and prescription eyewear.

All your key documents relating to your policy are stored here. This means if you ever need to access your information quickly, you know where to go. Customer Online allows you to manage your health insurance in a few simple clicks, from wherever you happen to be.

We’ll just need to know your symptoms, when they started, and what you’ve been referred for. If we approve your claim, you’ll get the private treatment you need. It’s available if you’re a resident of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, at home or abroad. Terms and conditions and the privacy policy can be viewed in the Aviva Digital GP app before you sign up, and mobile data charges may apply. Add two or more children aged 19 or under to your policy, and you’ll only pay for the eldest, until they turn 20.

What Happens When I Go On Family Or Unpaid Leave?

Your insurance provider will liaise directly with our dedicated team to sort out everything to do with prices of treatment, and you can focus on getting better. Personal private healthcare insurance is paid for directly. Lots of people have cover through their work, in which case your employer will deal with the insurance provider. You might pay a fee each month for the policy, but this will likely come out of your salary before you are paid.

You pay regular premiums, and if covered under your plan your treatment will be covered. Depending on the level of cover, private health insurance may cover you for treatment as an in-patient, out-patient, or day patient. You will usually pay a monthly fee and then make claims for any eligible private healthcare you receive. You may want to choose a higher excess to reduce the monthly cost of your private health insurance policy. However, you will have to pay this amount if you need treatment.

Switch Today And We Will See If We Can Beat Your Price

Simpleanyone is accepted for the same price, no pre-existing conditions are excluded on joining. By not replicating some of the excellent services that the NHS provide. No quotes, no excess – The price to join us is £11.90 per person, per month. These are available 8am to 10pm every day except Christmas day. We’ll share tips on eating healthy, ideas to improve your mental wellbeing along with easy to digest information on common health conditions.

In it, your insurer will ask you some fairly detailed questions about your health. They may also ask your permission to write to your doctor. If you’re still uncertain, you can speak to an independent adviser, who will help you find the best insurer for your personal circumstances. Switch today and we will see if we can beat your price… While we’re letting you know now, we’ll be working hard over the coming months to make this transition, it won’t happen all at once. Our email addresses will change to AXA Health and we’ll answer the phone as AXA Health too.

Once you have a referral, you should be able to use your private health insurance to pay for treatment at any of our private hospitals, with any of our consultants. ‡With Bupa full cancer cover, there are no limits on how long your treatment lasts or how much it costs, for as long as you have Bupa health cover. If you set a maximum benefit limit, either for each policy year or the full length of time that you’re with us, we’ll cover eligible costs until you reach your limit. You must use a hospital or health centre from the Bupa network and a consultant that we recognise and charges within Bupa rates (a fee-assured consultant).

To apply for a PRC contact NHS Overseas Healthcare Services. The PRC will give you the same cover as an existing EHIC, UK GHIC or new UK EHIC until you return home. If you have an existing EHIC, it will remain valid until the expiry date on the card. If you have an existing EHIC, you can continue to use it until it expires.