Healthy Living: 5 Benefits of a better healthy lifestyle
parent and kid doing exercise together. portrait of a healthy Muslim family workout at home

Healthy living culture is absolutely necessary to support your physical and spiritual health. Unfortunately, not everyone understands and wants to live a healthy lifestyle, which is actually not that difficult.

Maybe you are wondering, what is a healthy living culture and how much influence does it have on health?

Healthy living culture is the habit of running a lifestyle that is beneficial to the body. Some lifestyles are part of a healthy living culture, such as eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, and of course always maintaining body hygiene.

The combination of a variety of healthy lifestyles can immediately make you get various benefits. The following are the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle that is guaranteed to improve the quality of your life.

1. Maintain Body Immunity

The healthy living culture that you build on an ongoing basis will have a direct effect on the condition of your immune system. Eating nutritious food will make the body get the nutrients it needs to maintain and build immunity. Exercising regularly can also make the body’s organs work more optimally.

In addition, maintaining body hygiene can also suppress exposure to viruses and bacteria that have the potential to attack your immune system. So when you consistently run a healthy lifestyle, strong immunity can prevent you from various unexpected disease risks.

2. Maintain Ideal Body Weight

A body that is too thin is not good. However, being overweight is a trigger for various chronic diseases. Diseases related to the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, to stroke often occur due to obesity or conditions that are not ideal weight.

Getting used to a healthy lifestyle can bring benefits in the form of maintaining ideal body weight. In a study related to obesity in 2012, it was found that a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce excess weight and maintain body weight to stay on track.

3. Increase Stamina and Energy

Who said a culture of healthy living in the form of regular exercise and limiting the food consumed can make the body weak? Precisely a regular diet and diligent exercise can make energy production increase.

The reason is, that this regularity makes the body’s metabolic processes more optimal. As a result, you will feel energy and stamina are always there and always ready to carry out various daily activities.

4. Improve Sleep Quality

Does the culture of healthy living only include eating and exercising diligently? Certainly not. Healthy living culture includes adequate rest. Adequate rest does not only refer to quantity, but also quality. If during sleep you wake up easily, you could say your sleep quality is not good.

Poor sleep quality usually greatly affects the activities you do, your weight, and your habits of eating certain foods. From now on, try to follow a healthy diet to form an ideal body weight and choose foods more selectively, such as reducing coffee and alcohol. You will feel for yourself how the quality of your sleep will improve and you can sleep soundly.

5. Maintain Mental Health

Running a healthy diet and exercising regularly don’t only affect your body. The healthy living culture that you run is also able to maintain and improve mental well-being.

People who consistently practice a healthy lifestyle tend to be better able to manage stress and maintain a good mood. This is because when you eat regularly and get enough rest, your mood will be more under control. Especially if you add exercise, you can get an increase in the production of endorphins that make the heart feel happier.

Of course, don’t let the benefits of a healthy living culture that you have obtained be damaged because you don’t practice clean habits, including washing your hands. Make sure you use a trusted antibacterial soap like Lifebuoy to minimize the risk of germs and viruses entering the body and impairing immunity.