Eating a balanced diet means a person is less likely to become ill or put on excess body fat. Other lifestyle choices can affect a person’s health in either a positive or negative way. Gwen Stefani shares scary health risk she faced during latest performanceGwen Stefani had a performance – and health scare – she totally… South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture’s fitness studios are used for a vast fitness programme ranging from yoga to Body Pump. From Aerobics and Aquafit to Will Power & Grace, discover what class type you want to go to.

  • Entering the gym for the first time can be a daunting experience, regardless of your age or ability.
  • It can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with medication and/or psychological therapy.
  • There’s a lot of confusing terminology thrown around in the fitness industry.
  • Try using the stairs for journeys fewer than four floors, walking or cycling a slightly longer route home, or using your lunch hour to take a brisk walk, do an exercise class or go for a swim.
  • Simply relax in and around our prestigious pool, sauna and steam room or workout in the gym where there is a wide range of up-to date equipment to suit every level of fitness.
  • More recently, there has been increased interest in functional training , with the focus on making it easier for individuals to carry out everyday activities.

Here at South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture we take your fitness requirements seriously – with on average 350 plus fitness classes taking place across our many leisure centres. With classes ranging from Body Attack to Yoga, there is something for everyone. Adopting a more active lifestyle can be as simple as doing daily tasks more energetically or making small changes to your routine, such as walking up a flight of stairs.

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Our friendly team of trained leisure professionals are on hand to help and advise on individual fitness programmes. There are lots of activities you can do without leaving your front door and that involve minimal cost. It can be as simple as pushing the mower with extra vigour, speeding up the housework, or doing an exercise DVD in the living room. The agreement runs for a minimum of 3 months from the start date. It will automatically be renewed for subsequent months, unless cancelled by either the client or Ten Health & Fitness.

It may sound like a lot, but it isn’t as daunting as it first appears, and we have lots of suggestions to help you get started. The most common physical signs of stress include sleeping problems, sweating, and loss of appetite. Symptoms like these are triggered by a rush of stress hormones in our body – otherwise known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. It is these hormones, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which raise our blood pressure, increase our heart rate and increase the rate at which we perspire, preparing our body for an emergency response. They can also reduce blood flow to our skin and can reduce our stomach activity, while cortisol, another stress hormone, releases fat and sugar into the system to boost our energy. All Monthly 12 members will receive membership status – an automatic 10% discount on all retail products, the ability to make advanced bookings and one complimentary Late Cancellation per month.

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However, whatever your age, being physically active can help you to lead a mentally healthier life and can improve your wellbeing. If any additional classes are taken within the specified billing month, they will be charged to the card on file at the rate of £20.50/session. All charges will be taken within 14 days of the previous billing period. If any additional classes are taken within the specified billing month, they will be charged to the card on file at the rate of £18.50/session. If any additional classes are taken within the specified billing month, they will be charged to the card on file at the rate of £19.50/session. When this agreement ends, membership status and all member benefits end unless the block is renewed.

If physical activity is new to you, it’s best to build up your ability gradually. Focus on task goals, such as improving sport skills or stamina, rather than competition, and keep a record of your activity and review it to provide feedback on your progress. There are many apps and social networks accessible for free to help.