Your policy will come with a full document, together with a key features summary. This will make it clear what’s covered, what isn’t, and the financial limits for any claim. If you’re not happy when you first buy the policy, you can usually cancel it within 14 days. You’ll find everything you need to know in our guide to private healthcare. Our personal health insurance service puts you in control every step of the way.

It is also common for people to have health insurance, whether personal or corporate, but not use it. There are many reasons for this , but in most cases it’s best to take advantage of insurance if you have it. Private healthcare refers to hospitals and clinics that are not run by the NHS. Some of them do work very closely with the NHS, but they are run independently. You might also hear private hospitals referred to as independent hospitals. Customer Online is our online portal designed with you in mind.

Coronavirus Help And Support

If you’re a UK or Irish national who usually lives in the UK permanently and you’re going to work as an au pair or nanny in an EU country or Switzerland, you can apply for a UK GHIC. If you started your course after 1 January 2021, or you’re planning to study in an EU country, you’ll need to apply for a Student GHIC. You will not be able to use this card for treatment in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein unless one of these countries is your country of study. You can apply for a new card up to 6 months before your current card expires. Before going abroad, make sure you check the latest COVID-19 travel guidance on GOV.UK. We’ll show you what they are and how to get a cheap policy.

  • This will make it clear what’s covered, what isn’t, and the financial limits for any claim.
  • From seeing a specialist for diagnosis to having a comfortable private hospital stay, we’re there to look after your health and wellbeing.
  • We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about private medical insurance, from what is covered by insurance policies, to whether your insurance premiums will go up if you make a claim.
  • We manage our funds and the services we provide carefully to ensure that we can continue to provide assistance to members who require our support.
  • Download your guide to Benenden Healthcare which explains all the healthcare services we provide – what’s included, what’s excluded and how you access them.
  • Circle Health Group offers private healthcare at more than 50 hospitals and clinics across Scotland, England and Wales.

For example if you want to be covered for consultations with a specialist, you’ll need to select the outpatient option. Our members can choose a private hospital from our Directory of Hospitals at a time and place convenient to them. This means they can put all their energy into getting better, knowing the rest is taken care of.

Members rate our claim service as excellent, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. After you’ve made a claim we’ll invite you to rate the service you received from us during the process. You may not be able to amend the benefit options of the Select Policy at your first renewal when choosing the fixed price option.

Find Your Nearest Hospital

To request access to our services please click on one of the links below. Members may become actively involved in how the Society is run by attending branch meetings. If you work or have worked as a civil servant you can choose which branch you belong to. If you belong to one of our national branches but would prefer to join a branch nearer home, you can transfer to a local branch.

You’ll find more information on our guide to paying for treatment with Circle. Do make sure you complete the application truthfully and fully. If you’re not sure whether to mention something, it’s best to do so just in case. Remember, if the insurer feels you’ve left out or concealed something, you may find they refuse a claim in the future – or even cancel your policy. Once you’ve chosen the right product for you, you’ll need to complete an application.

Who Cannot Apply Using This Online Service

It’s always best to do as much research as possible into what is offered by different insurance companies and what their different products cover when it comes to medical treatment. You can tailor medical insurance to your exact circumstances. So, whether you’re single or married, with or without children, you can cover the people who are important to you.

You should contact NHS Overseas Healthcare Services if you fall into one of the following groups as you will not be able to use the online service to apply. We explain your sick-leave rights and how much you’re likely to receive in statutory sick pay if you can’t work. As you will be living in the UK whilst you are studying, you will have access to the state-funded National Health Service from the day that you arrive until one month after your course end date.

We’re not a health insurance company and our services are provided on a discretionary basis and are subject to the resources we have available. In some cases, provision of service can be dependent on factors such as GP referral, NHS wait times and the type of treatment required. We have a national network of over 500 facilities providing our members with access to diagnostic consultations and tests. We also have a national network of 32 specialist hospitals which includes five hospitals for paediatric services at which we can authorise your surgical and other treatment procedures.