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Compared to the CHCs, participants preferred to get medical treatments at private clinics when they got ill. They perceived staff members of the private clinics as more friendly and welcoming. Additionally, the queue was shorter; therefore, they can get examined immediately. The hospitality of the staff members is the most emerging theme. This theme includes the durations of waiting time and for medical examinations.

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  • The availability and distance allowed participants to “go to the clinic because the clinic is 24 hours.
  • The FGDs were opened with a welcome, and an introductory round of the team members and the participants.
  • The Special Capital Region of Jakarta consists of five municipalities with the similar characteristics of the community member; as they come from various backgrounds.
  • The UK’s leading collaborative event for the entire health and social care community.

In total, 45 Jakartans from various ages (20–66 y/o), from low and middle economic status (±35–320 USD/month), and from various educational levels (elementary school–bachelor degree) participated (18 males; 27 females). They were recruited using a convenience sampling and have given written informed consent to participate in the study. The participants were the member of the Grogol Petamburan sub-district, in West Jakarta Municipality, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. The Special Capital Region of Jakarta consists of five municipalities with the similar characteristics of the community member; as they come from various backgrounds.

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In addition, the duration of medical examination is limited due to the shorter service hours (i.e., 07.30 a.m.−4.00 p.m.; break 12.00–1.00 p.m.) . The outcomes to the limited opening hour at CHCs with an overload of patients are long waiting times and short examination times, as experienced by our participants. Consequently, our participants expressed a more negative view toward the CHCs’ services and they chose private clinics and hospitals over CHCs. This preference might have also been influenced by the fact that most private clinics and hospitals provide 24-h services. A low cost is one of the reasons why people use health facilities .

This study explored the Jakartans’ perceptions on HCSs, focusing on the hospitality of the staff members and the services of staff members and general practitioners. Overall, our participants expressed their preference to private clinics and hospitals over the government-mandated CHCs. The CHCs had long waiting time and short opening hours, while private clinics had friendlier services, shorter waiting time, and longer opening hours, even though they had to pay more for the services. At the same time, the participants expressed a more positive view on the CHCs with regard to their service fees, which were affordable or even free under the national health insurance coverage. In summary, these results show that the current services offered by HCSs in Jakarta do not meet the needs of their communities. We hope that these recommendations would be taken into account in the future health-related policies and programs in Jakarta.

Paxman Scalp Cooling has been working with Sciensus to provide cooling cap treatment for cancer patients for a decade. YS performed the study design, data collections, and data analysis, including the coding, categorizing and drafting the original manuscript. AW performed the data analysis and reviewed the original manuscript.

Our cash plans can help you spread the cost of some of your everyday healthcare needs. Our cover provides a number of benefits, such as money back towards eye tests, dental treatments and prescription eyewear. Log in to your NHS account to book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access a range of other healthcare services. To support the health improvement program, one needs to conduct a thorough evaluation of the current state of the available HCSs. A more inclusive approach to said HCSs evaluation would include the perspectives of its users ; this inclusion would help stakeholders to understand the health care needs, demands, and interest of the communities better .