Professionals delivering preventative programmes of care will be alerted by a failsafe management service when an intervention is due or has been missed. This provision of information is known as the ‘Local Offer’ which stems from the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Special Educational Needs reforms. Local Authorities also publish information about services available outside its geographical area, which can also be used. This service directory gives a description of each Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust service, how to get help, who to contact and service location details where relevant. Please remember that for many of these services you will need to be referred for treatment, usually by your GP. Why all developing countries can afford to increase spending on health, through different policy decisions and public spending.

  • We ask that you allow up to 28 days for the process to be completed, you will be contacted by phone when your form is ready for collection.
  • You can use these resources to find out about child health and development, spot and respond to signs of mental health issues and foster strong mental health and development in children.
  • They’re also much less likely to have health problems in later life.
  • It may also help if you encourage your child to eat slowly and have set mealtimes.

Find top tips and advice on all aspects of children’s emotional and physical health, from keeping kids active and eating well, to building their confidence and equipping them to cope with specific health issues. Sign up for our face-to-face training to inform your practice around child brain development and trauma. Explains how childhood trauma impacts child brain development, how this affects children in later life and how to overcome adverse childhood experiences. Children’s development and mental health are affected by various factors, including the environments they are raised in, the relationships they build and the experiences they have.

UK child hepatitis cases rise to 108, with a common virus increasingly likely to be the trigger. The less children sleep, the greater the risk of them becoming obese. Limit the amount of time your child spends on inactive pastimes such as watching television, playing video games and playing on electronic devices.

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The vision is for transformed child health information services, which will know where every child is and how healthy they are and which give appropriate access to information for all involved in the care of children. PHC2020 provides a framework for action of how technology and data are essential for the delivery of quality and efficiency and improved patient’s outcomes. It supports frontline staff, patients and citizens to take better advantage of the digital opportunity that we currently face. All aspects of children’s health and development work together to form their overall wellbeing.

Help your children avoid sitting and lying around too much, as it makes it more likely for them to put on weight. This increases the risk of tooth decay, so it’s best to drink fruit juice or smoothies at mealtimes. Be aware that unsweetened 100% fruit juice, vegetable juice and smoothies can only ever count as a maximum of 1 portion of their 5 A Day. There’s very little official guidance on precisely how much food children require, so you’ll need to use your own judgement. Children need about 60 minutes of physical activity a day for good health, but it doesn’t need to be all at once.

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If you use assistive technology and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email Please tell us what format you need. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. Completion of forms, certificates and medicals are not covered under the NHS. Payment for reports must accompany the request or appointment booking (i.e. in advance). Please visit our Safeguarding page for more information, to view our policy and find contact telephone numbers. Turns a spotlight on the inequalities, policy failures and indifference holding back progress on tackling childhood pneumonia, the number one infectious killer of children, and proposes a way forward.

Allow up to 28 days for the process to be completed, you will be contacted by phone when your form is ready for collection. The UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health which, together with its clinical partner Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children , forms the largest concentration of children’s health research in Europe. Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of children, and the adults they will become, through world-class research, education and public engagement. Information on mental health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and advice on some more serious conditions like meningitis and sepsis are also covered.

For example, if they have 150ml of orange juice and a 150ml smoothie in 1 day, they’ll have exceeded the recommendation by 150ml. Children, just like adults, should aim to eat 5 or more portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Join Change4Life for free and your child will get their own personalised activity plan full of good ideas for getting moving. Walking or cycling short distances instead of using the car or bus is a great way to be active together as a family.