Financial support up to £1,500 to purchase a range of items that can assist members who have been diagnosed with cancer or tuberculosis. 24/7 for immediate emotional support and signposting in dealing with conditions like anxiety, depression, bereavement or relationship problems. You can call our helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to book an appointment for a telephone consultation with a UK-based GP. Access to a UK GP 24 hours a day seven days week for you and your immediate family.

The table below highlights how we may differ to other healthcare providers, making Benenden Health the affordable alternative to private health insurance. Review PHC’s brochure,handbook anddirectory of hospitals to select your plan from four available options and find out what the cost will be to you. Cost is dependent on your plan selection, age and who you would like to cover in your insurance. All policies are different, but in general private health insurance is designed to cover treatment for curable, short-term illness or injury. It isn’t for ‘chronic’ illnesses that are expected to need treatment over a long period. Most policies won’t cover conditions such as normal pregnancy, drug abuse, organ transplants, dentistry, cosmetic treatments, infertility, mobility aids, HIV/Aids, kidney dialysis or A&E.

We’ll let you know how to pay your excess when we send you a statement following a consultation or treatment. The Defaqto and Moneyfacts 5 Star Rating is based on an assessment of the overall product, including the optional components. Where not all of the options are taken, this might affect the rating of the product. Your monthly premium will not be deducted during periods of statutory pay or nil pay, but the cost will be recouped from you following your return to work.

What Does Private Health Insurance Cover?

Anyone can use it, even if you don’t have health insurance with us. We have a range of products and services designed with your health in mind. The information you provide won’t affect the price of your insurance. Customer Care Team Arranging care can be stressful, we’re here to help. Based in Leeds, our Customer Care Team provides free advice and support whenever you need it.

That can mean that long-term illnesses fall outside of your cover. At Health On Line, we make it easier to find the fitness and wellbeing deals that work for you, so you can get fit and healthy your way. With our flexible fitness offers you’re not tied down to just one gym. You can relax in a spa, have a swim, or try a workout in a different venue. We carefully select the hospitals we work with to ensure they’re of the highest quality.

  • EHIC has only ever covered emergency and necessary healthcare costs, so it is always recommended that you take out comprehensive travel insurance, including health cover, when you travel abroad.
  • Simpleanyone is accepted for the same price, no pre-existing conditions are excluded on joining.
  • Don’t forget to call your insurer after visiting your GP to activate your insurance.
  • Agreeing an excess when you take out your plan is a good way to make your premiums cheaper.

Simply enter your postcode to find the nearest hospitals to you that are covered under a Health For You policy. Our business policies come with different modules that are easy to set up, run and change. If you have over six employees you can even choose different levels of cover for each individual employee. Diagnostics insurance Find out what’s wrong quickly with fast access to diagnostic tests and consultations. You can make a claim quickly online using MyAviva or over the phone.

Wellbeing Services

It’s important to compare different health insurance policies before you decide on the right cover for you. From individual health insurance to family health insurance, first decide on the type of private healthcare that suits your needs. We’d like to remind you that you can still request our 24/7 GP Helpline and Mental Health Helplines. So it’s highly likely there will be a delay to diagnostics and treatment appointments unless urgent. We provide healthcare services on a discretionary basis, except treatment for TB, which is a contractual service. Our private health insurance gives you fast access to eligible health treatment when you need it.

Save 10% for every additional vehicle you add, registered at the same address. No, you need to be a permanent UK resident to take out our health insurance. It depends on things like your age and where you live and, if you’re switching to us, your claims history. Our policy offers wide-ranging cover against illness, cancer, accidents and curable diseases.

We also cover a number of key health topics – such as looking after yourself as a parent and taking care of your children’s health. Explain that the card entitles the holder to necessary healthcare. It may be useful to direct them to the European Commission’s EHIC webpage, which provides images of all valid UK-issued EHICs and the UK GHIC. If you live in Ireland and think you’re eligible for a UK EHIC you cannot currently apply online and need to contact NHS Overseas Healthcare Services.

Eligible clients will receive 2-years fixed price at no additional cost (the “Offer”) when purchasing a new Bupa Select Company PMI Policy (the “Select Policy”) subject to these terms and conditions. The Offer cannot be used against any other Bupa product or service. Your online account allows you to manage your health insurance online. It can also be used to view and download the results of your recent health assessment. Digital GP services, Bupa health and wellbeing plans and Bupa Private GP services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority. ‡‡Access to eligible breakthrough cancer drugs and treatments often before they are available on the NHS or approved by NICE as long as they are evidence-based.