We’re not a health insurance company and our services are provided on a discretionary basis and are subject to the resources we have available. In some cases, provision of service can be dependent on factors such as GP referral, NHS wait times and the type of treatment required. We have a national network of over 500 facilities providing our members with access to diagnostic consultations and tests. We also have a national network of 32 specialist hospitals which includes five hospitals for paediatric services at which we can authorise your surgical and other treatment procedures.

It’s always best to do as much research as possible into what is offered by different insurance companies and what their different products cover when it comes to medical treatment. You can tailor medical insurance to your exact circumstances. So, whether you’re single or married, with or without children, you can cover the people who are important to you.

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We will not pay for treatment that has not been established as being effective or which is experimental. You are not covered for complications that arise as a result of unauthorised, unproven or experimental treatment. If you leave and later re-join the scheme, your moratorium underwriting (where pre-existing conditions are not covered) will begin anew from the date you re-join. Your membership of the insurance scheme will continue through maternity leave, other family leave, or any other period of statutory pay or unpaid leave (e.g. unpaid sabbatical). If you sign up to this PHC scheme, only new conditions from the inception of this policy would be covered . All hospitals in PHC’s directory of hospitals are located in the UK.

  • You might pay a fee each month for the policy, but this will likely come out of your salary before you are paid.
  • Find out how private medical insurance works, what’s covered and the best insurers rated by thousands of real customers.
  • You will receive from PHC a membership pack in the post to your home address by the end of the second month following sign up.

You should contact NHS Overseas Healthcare Services if you fall into one of the following groups as you will not be able to use the online service to apply. We explain your sick-leave rights and how much you’re likely to receive in statutory sick pay if you can’t work. As you will be living in the UK whilst you are studying, you will have access to the state-funded National Health Service from the day that you arrive until one month after your course end date.

When a member needs support, we use the fund to help them get better. The College has taken the decision to maintain an open selection window, which means you can decide to sign up any time. Sign up by the last working day of the month to receive coverage from the first calendar day of the following month onwards. PHC will contact you with the option to continue your cover after leaving by transferring to a personal plan with their underwriter, AXA PPP healthcare.

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It is also common for people to have health insurance, whether personal or corporate, but not use it. There are many reasons for this , but in most cases it’s best to take advantage of insurance if you have it. Private healthcare refers to hospitals and clinics that are not run by the NHS. Some of them do work very closely with the NHS, but they are run independently. You might also hear private hospitals referred to as independent hospitals. Customer Online is our online portal designed with you in mind.

For example if you want to be covered for consultations with a specialist, you’ll need to select the outpatient option. Our members can choose a private hospital from our Directory of Hospitals at a time and place convenient to them. This means they can put all their energy into getting better, knowing the rest is taken care of.

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Applies to eligible cancer drugs and treatments covered by your policy. Bupa will not fund for genetic testing when used solely for the purpose of screening. Bupa Anytime HealthLine and Digital GP are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority.