It is vital to get a social life outside the college; otherwise, your mind might get blocked. Find a hobby, and try spending your free time doing things that make you happy. Increase your workload gradually and avoid staying in the same room for a whole day. The human mind needs to go to new places to stay fresh and work with its full potential. One of the largest studies into diet and cancer – the Europe-wide EPIC study – found that eating just one extra portion of fruit and vegetables a day could cut your risk of dying early from any cause by 20 per cent. We eat around 9.5g of salt a day, but the Government wants us to cut this to no more than 6g, as high levels of salt can push up your blood pressure, raising your risk of cardiovascular conditions.

  • To judge the intensity of a workout, see if you can hold a conversation.
  • Eating well is one of the best ways to look after your health.
  • Getting enough sleep improves your overall health and protects your mental wellbeing.
  • I became concerned about antibiotics in food as well, and now try to eat organic and only eat meat once or twice a month.”
  • We are here to help and support you in making lifestyle changes.

This is about 6 pints of average strength beer or four 250ml glasses of wine. We all know that physical activity provides long term health benefits. One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to get a healthy life is to spend some time doing yoga or stretching. Try to avoid sugary soft and fizzy drinks, as they’re high in calories. You need to drink plenty of fluids to stop you getting dehydrated.

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Wholegrain foods are also ‘low GI ’ foods, which means that our body takes longer to break them down, preventing spikes in our blood sugar levels and generally helping you to feel fuller for longer. Not necessarily, say the British Heart Foundation, which reports that around five million people in the UK have undiagnosed high numbers. Students that spend a lot of time in the library ultimately develop a miserable attitude towards others.

Most of our routines have been disrupted by the crisis, meal times included, but do try to stick to regular times and take a proper break for lunch whenever possible. Healthy eating is also crucial to the health of your immune system, which is more important than ever. The following tips are probably those you’ve been told many times before – but some of them may be new to you. Turn your smartphone off, get somebody to hide it from you just one day per week. The BMI calculator may not be right for you as many other things could impact your weight such as your muscle mass, age, gender, lifestyle, and genetics .

Cardiovascular Disease Triggered By Type 2 Diabetes And Cognitive Impairment, Research Shows

Clearly, as well as keeping yourself physically fit, it’s crucial to keep a good focus on your mental health, too. Lifestyle changes can help you, as a new dad, guard against and/or alleviate these. Ken advises that you focus “on achieving the best sleep routine you can (and grabbing naps when night times don’t always go to plan). Also, be sure to get plenty of fresh air and good amounts of sunlight, especially in the morning, to help with circadian rhythms. This will all help with the newborn, too, so all going out for a morning stroll, ideally in a natural environment, will make a big difference! As well as making positive changes to your diet, impending fatherhood might also start you thinking about your fitness and activity levels.

How Can You Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep?

The best option for you is to hire an online writing agency like You can quickly pawn off your college workload to a professional writer and focus on other essential things. These online writing companies help you balance your commitments and helps you live a stress-free life. From drinking more water to eating a balanced diet, our GP reveals his top tips for a healthy lifestyle. Add 14 years to your life by following four very easy principles; don’t smoke, take regular exercise, drink sensibly and eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. These simple steps can have a huge impact on your life expectancy, say scientists from Cambridge University.